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Bright Job Outlook for Business Graduates

Pamplin students organize the Business Horizons career fair every year.

by Sookhan Ho

With this being graduation season, many students are preparing to join the workforce. The job outlook for business graduates this year is bright, say career services staff of the Pamplin College of Business.

Stuart Mease, Pamplin Undergraduate Career Services Director, noted that the employment and continuing education rate (employment accounts for most of this rate) for business majors ranged from about 75 percent for the marketing and finance majors to about 90 percent for the business information technology and accounting and information systems majors.

“The college has the best placement record on campus, with six of its majors among the top 10 majors interviewed by employers recruiting on campus through the university’s career services office this academic year,” Mease said. As a group, business was the major most in demand by campus recruiters, with about 3,400 job interviews given to about 1,000 students. Pamplin students also accounted for nearly half of all the interviews conducted in the 2011-12 year through the university’s career services office.

The university does not yet have salary and placement data for this year, Mease said, but the average starting salary for Pamplin graduates in 2011 was $49,000, up about 10 percent from the previous year.

MBA students are also experiencing strong recruiter interest and placement success, said MBA assistant director Gina French. “As of April 26, 54 percent of our graduating MBAs seeking jobs have accepted offers, 9 percent up over last year,” French said. She says she expects the number to rise over the next few weeks as additional students report in.

Though salaries vary according to experience and other credentials, “one MBA accepted an offer of $125,000 — the highest in the class — plus a significant signing bonus,” French added. “It’s indicative of what’s possible with a Virginia Tech MBA.”

Pamplin students organize the Business Horizons career fair every year, to give students and employers an opportunity to meet and interact in one central location. More than 2,000 students attended the event last fall.

Virginia Tech’s nationally ranked Pamplin College of Business offers undergraduate and graduate programs in accounting and information systems, business information technology, economics, finance, hospitality and tourism management, management, and marketing.

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