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DICK BAYNTON: The Increasingly Slippery Slope of Identity Politics

Dick Baynton

Politics has gained an overwhelming presence throughout the world. Politics can’t be breathed or eaten but it can be bought and sold just like other commodities. The difference between buying politics instead of bread is that you are not sure of what you are going to receive in return for your payment. When you send a $25 or $100 check to your choice of President, Representative or Senator, you ponder during their terms of office if you got your money’s worth of direct benefits. Rewards for us might be higher earnings and investment income and lower taxes.

In the 2016 presidential race, donations amounted to $2.5 billion while another $4 billion was spent on congressional contests. Having spent $6.5 billion on the 2016 election, are you happy with what you paid for (in advance)? Citizens who voted were 137.5 million in number which is 61.4% of qualified voting adult citizens or about 42% of our total population. Since the Presidential Inauguration (and before) we have endured expensive investigations into an elusive Russia-Trump possible collusion.

As far as we know, no votes in favor of either party were changed and the supposition was considered resolved with the submission of the Mueller report in late March. However, a host of other investigations and hearings are on the docket to be launched. Claims of lies and bias have been tossed about like a sailboat regatta in choppy waters.  Has one single citizen of these United States benefited from any of these investigations? The Republican Congress followed by the Democratic Congress has done nothing to mitigate the Social Security vessel of gold that is about to run aground in 2035 and Medicare will need more of our money to fix the leaking holes in the hull before it fails in just 7 years (2026). And yet liberal progressive Democrats want to transform Medicare into universal healthcare.

With a population of 328 million and a national debt of over $22 trillion, single payer healthcare would add several trillion to the debt. Think about our options; A.) Get debt under control (balance the budget) or B.) Hand off an untenable national debt to future generations. Remember that we are the biggest economy in the world and there is no nation or consortium of nations that could underwrite a recovery. If we pass a $2 trillion infrastructure act into law, our national debt will be headed into the stratosphere. And the liberal progressive wing of the Democratic Party wants to use much of the $2 trillion for wealth redistribution and bolstering perceived entitlements.

While this is going on, Congress and their approximately 6,500 staff members are doing (what?) things. For starters we have been engaging in ‘identity politics’ as noted in the title of this column. We call illegal aliens ‘guest workers’ and ‘undocumented persons.’ We call Black citizens ‘African Americans’ but only about 9% were foreign-born and many are from the Caribbean (including Haiti and The Dominican Republic). President Teddy Roosevelt (b-1858-d-1919) who was President from 1901 to 1909 mentioned that ‘good citizens are not hyphenated’ (not a direct quote). Many college campuses throughout our country are rife with teaching liberal sophistry and the practice of misdirected ‘political correctness.’

Abortion is being cloaked in Lady’s hospital gowns as ‘women’s health.’ In some of its iterations it is ‘death by choice.’ Virginia Governor Northam describes that upon delivery, the infant is ’comforted’ and if the Mother says ‘No’ the baby is placed on a shelf to self-dehydrate and die; that’s infanticide, a gruesome form of homicide.

Hundreds of thousands of migrants are trying to get into our country legally or illegally but Schumer and Pelosi brush this situation off as a ’manufactured’ crisis. We allow children and their parents to determine if they are male, female, bisexual or transsexual in direct conflict with natural determination at birth. The partially reported facts are that we’re having the lowest unemployment in 50 years (3.6%), the stock market is near zenith and there are more jobs than workers. Wages are up (3.2%) and liberal progressive candidates are slamming the economy.

Liberal progressive ‘identity politics’ is executed to get votes; not for you and me but for candidates and their party.  History reveals and validates this ugly truth.

Dick Baynton

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