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DICK BAYNTON: Remnants of Rampage

Dick Baynton

The two girls are now 13 and 16 and living in Germany under the watchful eyes of D?zen Tekkal who directed a documentary entitled, “Jiyan: A Cry For Life.” These two girls have Yazidi roots and were victims of capture and enslavement by ISIS fighters. (Yazidis adhere to religious principles that are not Muslim, Christian or Jewish and thus are considered by ISIS as inhuman infidels.)

The younger girl was kidnapped at age 8 by a brutal (American) ISIS fighter and his wife along with two other Yazidi girls and held as sex slaves. Her parents were murdered by her captor and his associates. The 16-year-old is the mother of three children by two ISIS terrorists.

Islamic State terrorists attempted to exterminate all Yazidis throughout Syria and Iraq; after killing the men and boys, they enslave the women and female children. Surviving Yazidis are working with UN, US and European authorities to gather evidence about the atrocities; thousands of former ISIS fighters and as many as 500 jihadists will be released over the next couple years. The process of collecting evidence, identifying alleged perpetrators and holding hearings and trials will be an exhaustive process.

Germany now is the host to a diaspora of about 200,000 Yaizidis where D?zen Tekkal, a German-Yazidi attorney who has formed a charity to help Yazidi women who have suffered ISIS slavery. She says, “Our women are the best weapon against terrorism.” The first trial in Munich is now in progress; defendants are a couple who bought a woman and her daughter as slaves and chained the 5-year-old daughter to a tree in Fallujah until she died from the scorching sun. It should be easy to impose the death penalty for such an evil act of appalling cruelty.

As in the recent past, terrorist groups in Africa are mounting deadly conflict against Christians. An article in the WSJ by Frenchman Bernard-Henri Lévy and translated by Steven B. Kennedy documented a tour through Nigeria, the most populous African nation with 191 million people. In Paris Mr. Lévy met the director of a non-governmental group that works toward mutual understanding between Muslims and Christians throughout Nigeria. The minister mentioned the ‘Fulani’, an ethnic group mostly from northern Nigeria where many were shepherds but were forced southward by climate change. As the Fulani traveled south they encountered some of the 15 million Christians who inhabit the area.

Accepting the minister’s invitation to visit Nigeria, Lévy ventured there to assess the situation. He found that a 2019 Globalist Terrorism index rated the Fulani extremists more deadly than Boko Haram who kidnapped 276 Christian girls in 2014. Fulani extremists were suspected of causing most of the 2,040 Nigerian fatalities by extremists in 2018. To confirm these claims of terrorism, Lévy traveled to Godogodo, a small town in the center of Nigeria. There he met a 28-year-old lady who recounted the details of Fulani members who entered the village riding motorcycles shouting ‘Allahu Akbar!’ They torched houses and shot and killed her four children. Noting that she was pregnant, they decided to not open her body but rather amputate her left arm with a machete. She survived to tell the tale of such repulsive deadly actions.

Traveling north to the town of Adnan, a 34-year-old wife and mother related her tale of hearing a whistle during the night and upon leaving the house realized that it was on fire, having been torched by Fulani members. One of the men beckoned to her to come toward him for safety as another Fulani extremist jumped out in front of her and severed three of her fingers, doused her in gasoline and set her alight. Miraculously she lived only to learn that her husband had been one of the 72 village men who had been slaughtered.

The saga in Africa and the Middle East goes on and on; a reliable source reports that in the past week of January there have been 24 Jihadist attacks worldwide killing 78 people; three were Christian teachers in Kenya.

Has our world become so addled that we tolerate homicides, rape and abortion as ‘garden weeds’ or ‘pesky flying gnats?’ Where are UN investigators and government leaders who focus on ‘gender selection’ while reading about crimes against humanity in Africa, the Middle East, Chicago, Baltimore and St. Louis?   Abortion is trial by guile, rape is irreversible and homicide is oblivion. RIP

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