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Virginia Commonwealth Games Announce 2020 Athletes of the Year

Virginia Amateur Sports, Inc (VAS) organizers of the Virginia Commonwealth Games at Liberty University annual athletes of the year have been selected: Micayah Holland of Portsmouth was named Youth – Female Athlete of the Year, Clayton Stoil of Great Falls was named Youth – Male Athlete of the Year, Ashlynn Moore of Roanoke was named Adult – Female Athlete of the Year, and John Pryor of Lynchburg was named Adult – Male Athlete of the Year.  These athletes were selected from the nominees in their category.

Micayah was a gold medalist in Track & Field in the 2020 Games.  She’s a very hardworking, two sport athlete – Track & Field and Basketball. She is ranked #2 in the USA currently for the class of 2023 on the 55m dash. Virginia High School League 5A State champion as a freshman for the 55m dash.  The Virginia Commonwealth Games was her only Summer meet this year due to COVID cancellations of other meets.  We look forward to seeing more from Micayah in the future.

Clayton earned gold and silver medals in the 2020 Outdoor Track & Field meet. After completing his events, he then volunteered to help out at the Commonwealth Games meet.  His goal was trying to stay active amid COVID-19 and began participating in other events besides the VA Commonwealth Games. He participated in the AAU Junior Olympic games in Track and Field, running the 3000m, 1500m and 800m events.  He started running less than a year ago with his first meet in December 2019. Clayton has his sights to participate in the AAU national cross country meet in December 2020.  In addition to Track and Running, Clayton is actively involved in golf through the First Tee program and caddies at a local country club every weekend (when he is not playing). He is practicing on his own as school sports are currently delayed. Since most organized sports were canceled, Clayton has continued to improve his times and even set personal bests at both the Commonwealth Games and AAU.

Ashlynn received a gold medal in the 2020 Games, in Track & Field, 100m wheelchair race.  Ashlynn was born with Spina Bifida and lives with the co-morbidities that accompany this birth defect. Despite her daily challenges, she wakes every morning with a smile and a commitment to live life to the fullest. She grudgingly admits there are things she can’t do but has found her love in wheelchair sports. She enthusiastically participates in basketball, baseball and track events but she has been nothing short of thrilled to participate in the Commonwealth Games! Words fail to express the excitement she felt and displayed as she powered down the track and the pure joy on her face as she crossed the finish line was indescribable!  It would be so easy for her to settle for a lesser activity, one less challenging, one that would require less commitment, but that wouldn’t be Ashlynn. She pushes the bar, challenges her limitations and refuses to settle!

John earned 6 medals, in Track & Field at the 2020 Games.  John is described as a “True warrior with competitive spirit and a never quit attitude.  He exemplifies the spirit of the games.”  He fell crossing the second hurdle of the 400m hurdle race, but didn’t hesitate – got up and ran the race like nothing had ever happened. He created excitement all day amongst the athletes and the crowd in the stadium.

These athletes were nominated to represent Virginia in the running for National Congress of State Games Athletes of the Year and those winners were announced on October 6th and Ashlynn Moore won the National Congress of State Games Athlete of the Year award in the Adult Female category. The official release from the NCSG announcing the winners is included on our website.

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