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SCOT BELLAVIA: Book Release Day!

I’m excited to release my first book to you today! I started writing The Christian’s Dictionary in January 2021, inspired by a hot take about the presidential election two months prior that my sister identified to me.

Even since my first thought for it germinated—that’s when a book really begins; not the moment you type its first word—I’ve learned much about writing, a lot (but not near enough) about the publishing industry, and the most about the virtues of diligence and patience. I’m pleased to provide it to you today for free.

The Christian’s Dictionary: Why Christians & Non-Christians Misunderstand Each Other and What to Do About It is a 30-minute read but comprehensively explains the miscommunication we experience, whether we’re a Christian or not, when we talk with someone of the opposite persuasion.

I’m sure many of my readers are familiar with Christianity’s claim of uniqueness among other religions—especially in contrast to these postmodern United States. For followers of Jesus, his position as the truth (John 14) is the foundation for our worldview and the reason we do and say all we do and say. A behavior that logically follows from agreeing that God, his Son, and the Holy Spirit are supreme is studying the words revealed from our Lord’s mouth and making them our guides through life. If all that makes sense to you in theory, it’s another animal in practice.

Those who don’t confess the authority of God will use his same words, but in errant ways. This is where Christians and non-Christians misunderstand each other. On the surface, we’re speaking the same language, but the most perceptive of us quickly sense we’re not on the same page. What’s happening is that we are using opposing definitions for the same word.

In The Christian’s Dictionary, fear, love, and judgment are my first three examples of this miscommunication. God’s created definition of these is not the same as its present usage. There are also buzzwords that seem to have cropped up in the past few years–ones like: acceptance, affirmation, tolerance, toxic, and phobic–that, in their usage, are the very opposite of what God would have had in mind had he inspired them for use in the Bible.

So, you have The Christian’s Dictionary: my identification of God’s definitions of eight household terms. I explained, and go into greater detail, Why Christians & Non-Christians Misunderstand Each Other. That leaves What to Do About It. To answer that, grab your copy of my new book, The Christian’s Dictionary!

Download now by clicking here.

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