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SERWAN ZANGANA: Beneath All of The Politics Remains The Kindness of Americans

In 2020, a few months before the presidential election, my neighbor was shocked to see that I had put signs of Donald Trump up in the front yard. This nice old gentleman in his 80s with his wife moved to the neighborhood from up north between 2017-2018, and became one of the neighbors whom I often stopped by his house and held some friendly and neighborly conversations. I was very happy to have met and become friends with the couple.

However, I have always said that Donald Trump brought a revolution to America, as he crushed the elite politicians in Washington D.C. and paved a road that his predecessors were trying to keep muddy.

My nice neighbor stopped greeting and conversing with me, he refused to look my direction and chose not respond to my wave. I was not totally surprised about his action because the country I immigrated from (Iraq) originally had political parties who often clashed with one another over power and greed, and as a result thousands of people were killed. After Trump won the presidency in 2016, liberals showed their true colors and began multiple efforts to stir-up people by disseminating propaganda and misinformation which caused deep divisions and conflict among people.

It was unfortunate to see a group of politicians who were trusted by Americans preparing the ground for commotion among people and advocating violence across the nation to show the opposition to Trump. Looking back, the millions of Americans who voted for Trump were disregarded while Democrats launched allegations and conducted investigations to de-legitimize the election of 2016. T

Trump had become a target of the elite politicians and the liberal media. The unethical actions of the liberals had surpassed the logical and common sense of modern and democratic society as the voters became targets as well.

When an elected official becomes a career politician, often his / her position and moral status change, and this is what was observed after the election of 2016. Not being a member of D.C politicians, Donald Trump and his entire voters were demonized by liberal politicians through conferences, meetings, and social media. Hence, neighbors, families,  and friends’ relationships ascended to a very tense level.

Now that Donald Trump is not the president, the wave of anger has passed and the political commotion has generally simmered down. The existing fear which was created by the liberals among people regarding Trump and his voters has faded away. We did not break the law, and we did not degrade America, and we voted for Trump legitimately and the nation hopefully realizes it.

However, after returning to the States from a long trip with the family, my nice neighbor one evening stopped by my house and greeted me. He said, “ I have not seen you guys in a while, you were gone, I came to check on your house to make sure everything is okay, we are neighbors.”

“Yes, we are neighbors, thank you.” I replied.

After all, it is the American culture that embraces kindness, and only in America, if politicians do not interfere, people from different races and ethnicities can connect with each other and share life in a meaningful way.

– Serwan Zangana

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