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SWVA Wildlife Center Loses Raptor Enclosure to High Winds

The Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center suffered a major loss after the recent windstorm. One of the Center’s most important flight enclosures was destroyed when the recent high winds sent a tree toppling down onto it. Miraculously, the owl patient recovering in this building was not injured, however, the cost to replace a structure such as this is nearly $25,000.

“Flight Pen 1” was completely destroyed when a large pine tree came tumbling down.  There was an Eastern Screech Owl patient preparing for release in this enclosure but it was miraculously unharmed. 

The loss of this structure significantly impairs and limits the Center’s ability to rehab larger birds, especially raptors/birds of prey. According to Executive Director Chester Leaonard the storm couldn’t have come at a worse time as their busy season is already underway. The cost to replace the structure will nearly $25,000.

Oddly, the Wildlife Center had a tree crew on the site a day ahead of the storm to remove hazardous trees but, “as you can see,” said Leonard, “you can never tell how strong a tree’s roots are . . .”

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