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City of Roanoke Utilizes American Rescue Plan Act Funds to Start “Home Safe”

The City of Roanoke, through the HUD Community Resources Division, is utilizing its $2.4 million HOME-ARP award in conjunction with approximately $4.25 million in ARPA funding to implement a “Home Safe” program. This program will help individuals experiencing homelessness and housing instability connect to the necessary resources to access permanent, safe housing.

The City has budgeted $5 million for the rehabilitation and construction of new housing units, with the remaining funds allocated for supportive services. The Homeless Assistance Team began utilizing the supportive services funds in late January, assisting 8 individuals in their transition into housing.

According to Planning Manager Wayne Leftwich, “The City of Roanoke is committed to addressing the housing crisis head-on, and the Home Safe programs are a critical step in providing housing stability for our residents.”

Human Services Administrator Matt Crookshank added, “These programs will have a meaningful impact on the lives of those experiencing homelessness or housing instability in our community, providing them with the support they need to secure and maintain safe housing.”

The City of Roanoke is seeking proposals from developers and nonprofits to produce 50 safe, affordable rental units within the city. These units will be available for Roanoke residents transitioning out of homelessness or experiencing significant housing instability, and will have a minimum affordability period of at least 15 years.

Pre-applications for developers can be submitted to [email protected] and are due by Monday, March 25 at 4:00 PM. Two developer interest sessions are being held virtually and materials from the sessions will be available on March 15.

For more information on the Home Safe program and the affordable housing rental development, please visit

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