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Governor Youngkin Signs Legislation to Combat Labor Trafficking

Governor Youngkin has signed HB 633 to combat Labor Trafficking. By enacting this bill, the Governor has sent a clear message that Virginia is committed to protecting workers, stands firm against exploitation and is steadfast in its resolve to promote a workplace environment where every worker is respected, valued, and protected. The governor signed five additional pieces of legislation to strengthen our efforts to combat human trafficking.

“Today we take a firm stand against the crimes of labor trafficking and human trafficking,” said Governor Glenn Youngkin. “Through signing this legislation, we reaffirm our commitment to protecting the vulnerable, defending human rights, and ensuring that Virginia remains a beacon of justice and a place of opportunity for all.”

“Human trafficking is a horrific crime that happens in plain sight. It occurs in every country, state, town and community, and in more forms than just sex trafficking. For too long, Virginia has lagged in the fight against labor trafficking, making it harder to investigate, prosecute, and hold accountable human traffickers,” said Attorney General Jason Miyares. “Now we have the legal backing to fight back and send a strong message that all forms of human trafficking are not welcomed in the Commonwealth.”

“Human trafficking is a heartbreaking reality affecting Virginians – particularly women and girls,” said First Lady Suzanne S. Youngkin. “Through awareness and education about this danger, coupled with robust law enforcement, we can create a safer and more just Commonwealth for all.”

“Human trafficking is modern-day slavery. Full stop. With the Governor’s signature of House Bill 633,” said Delegate Mike Cherry. “Our Commonwealth takes an important step toward eradicating this vile crime. Local prosecutors anywhere in Virginia now have the ability to bring charges against those who prey on vulnerable populations and obtain speedy convictions as opposed to waiting years for the federal judicial process to play out.”

Today, the governor also signed five additional measures to combat human trafficking. The signed bills include:

  • HB 100
  • HB 203
  • HB 581
  • HB 268
  • HB 168

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