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Ferrum College Hosts Gospel Explosion Featuring Local and National Musicians

Ferrum College Campus Ministry and Office of the Chaplain hosted a spring concert on the lawn on Monday, April 15th featuring praise bands and individual artists from Franklin County to Vallejo, CA. The Gospel Explosion was an opportunity for students, faculty and staff to gather and experience a variety of praise and worship music.

College Chaplain Pastor Michael Little shared his vision for the event was to connect students to local faith communities and bring the unity of faith and music alive for those who may have never experienced such an opportunity.

“The Gospel Explosion represents building a relationship with the students and the communities of faith. For students, we hope this event reminds them that ministry is available to them on campus, and they are invited to engage as they feel led. For the community, it was a day to connect with our campus and our students and allow for those relationships to grow. Having a variety of musicians, I believe, is important to show unity and diversity, and we are so thankful for all of the praise teams and musicians who were with us today.”

Rance Vaughn from the Shiloh Church of God in Christ in Vallejo, California travelled the farthest to be part of the event.  Vaughn and Little are lifelong friends who professed their faith Jesus Christ at the same church as young men and raised their children together.

When asked what it means to bring a gospel explosion to a college campus, Vaughn said the event was a celebration of spiritual freedom and hope.   “In college, students go through a lot of things. Teachers go through a lot of things especially today in the time that we live in.  They go through a lot of stuff going through school – some don’t know where their money is going to come from or, when the next challenge comes, how they will overcome it.  But, this spiritual connection they can have with the Most High God, through it, they can know whatever they are going through, whatever they need, God’s got it, and He will bless them.”

The event was also an opportunity for Ferrum College alum Dewey Reynolds ’60 to share his story and make a presentation to the College in his late wife’s memory for the preservation and improvement of Vaughn Chapel.

Joshua Austin, a member of Ferrum Voices was excited the event was a success:   “ I enjoyed the fellowship. I enjoyed being able to come together and all be of one accord and all have one goal, which was to give glory to God and to lift each other up. I hope we do it again.”

Churches and musicians involved included:

Gary Percell, Guitarist, Antioch Baptist Church, Rocky Mount, VA

Covenant Church, Fairmont, WV

Interfaith Fellowship, Rocky Mount, VA

Faith Fellowship, Boones Mill, VA

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