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Smith Mountain Lake Antique & Classic Boat Society Holds Spring Workshop

The Smith Mountain Lake Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society recently held their annual spring workshop at the home of Alan and Jean Frederick.  The 32 members and guests in attendance learned from subject matter experts about 3 topics that are useful in restoring and maintaining antique boats.

Presenter Photo Jake Shaffer with Alan’s 35’ Runabout Project in background – Photo Credit John Seal

Jake Shaffer, Regional Manager of Interstate Batteries, discussed the technological differences between lead-acid and AGM batteries, starting versus deep cycle batteries and how to best maintain batteries, both during the season and for off-season layup.

Guest Sonny Ranson, owner of long-time local business W & L Prop Shop, shared his deep knowledge of various prop designs and materials.  His company is skilled at repairing and modifying all kinds of props and they can provide expert advice to help antique and modern boat owners choose the best prop for their specific needs.

Presenters Photo L to R John Rieth, Sonny Ranson-Photo Credit John Seal

Local member John Rieth, shared his decades long experience in antique boat restoration as it applies to the use of wood planes, chisels, and other woodworking tools.  Importantly, he demonstrated how to properly sharpen these tools, which is key in achieving high quality results in building, repairing, and maintaining antique wooden boats.

Video link below of Alan’s WWII Hudson Invader engine running on his test stand: (John Seal)

After lunch, our host, local member Alan Frederick, provided us with a special treat when he fired up his World War II landing craft engine on the test stand in his shop.  This Hall Scott gasoline engine weighs over a ton and was designed in 1931 for marine use.  It boasts displacement of 998 cubic inches (16.3L), 275 horsepower and a huge 800-foot pounds of torque.  To boost production during WWII, Hall Scott engines were built in Detroit by the Hudson car company and branded Hudson Invader.  Alan’s engine will power his 35-foot, scratch built, mahogany runabout he has been actively building for over 4 years.

Don’s rare 1962 Porsche Diesel Tractor Photo Credit John Seal.

Local club member Don Henck, proved once again that antique boat and antique car lovers are often the same people.  We drove to Don’s nearby shop and he shared the histories of several of the beautiful antique vehicles he has tracked down, purchased, and restored over the years.  These include a 1970 Jaguar E Type, 1962 MGA Deluxe, a rare 1962 Porsche Diesel Tractor, among others.

For further chapter information check our website  or contact Chapter President Bill Caillet at (757) 408-1241 or email: [email protected] .

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