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SERWAN ZANGANA: Everyday is Memorial Day

   On this somber day, we should all pause and take a moment to be silent and think about those soldiers who were killed in the war. To intentionally think about and imagine as if each one of us lost a member of his family – a loved one who will never return to this earth. How would we feel?

The agony of losing a loved one is only and truly felt by those who lost them. The tears in the eyes of those who lost loved one are streaming down their faces expressing in a way that is unlike any other. The pain will have a different feeling and life will be defined from a different view.

It is Memorial Day, for some people it is a holiday and perhaps, remembering the military members who were killed in the war, and for the others it is an affliction in mind that will never be forgotten. For some people it is traveling and gathering with family and friends, for others it is remembering and missing family members or friends.

Memorial Day, for politicians, involves the same protocol that is placing wreaths on monuments and speaking in a common political way. However, this day quickly passes by and the nation soon returns to its daily routine. But the mother’s agony for her son, the wife’s broken heart for her husband, or a husband, a brother, a sister, a best friend’s life, will never return to normal again.

On this Memorial Day, it is time to contemplate the values and sacrifice of American lives. The reasons and purposes of shedding American blood in the dark corners of the world, in the Sahara or the jungles! It is time to question, why? American lives have been used as shields to protect the interest of the politicians. It is time to recall patriotism and introduce American nationalism and value American lives.

The U.S foreign policy has caused Americans more agitation and pain, and indeed, it has not improved the U.S relationship with allies across the world nor impacted America’s adversaries. It has only jeopardized American troops and created a more dangerous environment for Americans abroad. Such a policy is adding more Americans to the list of Memorial Day to be remembered. Realizing the value of American souls, the journey of peace should be the focus for a far more effective policy that serve American interests.

In memory of the loved ones that have left us and will not return, it is the time to remember that every day is Memorial Day.


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