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Wild Bill’s Fearless Football Forecast

The last of our local high school teams bowed out of the playoffs Friday night when the Cave Spring Knights gave Richlands all they could handle at Ernie Hicks Stadium before coming up short in an exciting 36-23 shootout. Ramp up the applause meter as Cave Spring not only entertained the fans all season with their wide open offense and tough defense, but showed a lot of class in handling the defeat to a superb opponent. Well done Knights!!

I, likewise, escaped unscathed when not a single Grundy fan took me up for my offer of a free meal at halftime. Being only 25 miles down the road, I figured the Golden Wave faithful would search me out for what I expected to be a picnic in November. There were a lot of the standing-room-only crowd glaring my way as I roamed the Cave Spring sideline, but I think I had them confused when I gave signals in the direction of Coach Fulton as if I were the Cave Spring offensive coordinator. Actually, I was borrowing the hit and run sign from the Washington Nationals baseball team, which I picked up as a dugout photographer. Additionally, my Mr. Moustache disguise glasses likely threw them off track a bit.

Now for the big news you readers have been waiting for. The hierarchy at the RSS has decided to continue this column into basketball season with a still yet to be named weekly piece. Obviously, the name must be tweaked since high school football is almost over, so there is nothing to forecast with the pigskins. Feel free to send in any suggestions for the name. Basketball on the high school level opened Wednesday night so look for everything hoop-wise next week.

A big thanks go out to the couple and their teen-age son who stopped me at the Roanoker Restaurant last week to say they loved this column, It’s great to hear that from any reader. Likewise, a special gratitude to the UC-Irvine athletic booster who sent me a UCI shirt after my piece on team mascots. Their nickname is the Anteaters, and the shirt plays on the angle somewhat like the ‘Hokie Nation’, but with the UCI twist. I’ve been just about thrown out of a couple places while wearing this shirt, but it’s a huge hit at any fraternity party.

Now it’s time to look in this week’s mailbag as we add a little culture to the column.

Dear Mr. T: I took my daughters to the Carrie Underwood concert and saw you on the sound stage. I was surprised when I saw your Underwood picture on the RSS Arts and Culture page. Are you part of the artsy crowd? (Violet, c/o Kennedy Center)

Answer: Yes, Violet, you could say I’m part of the Star-Sentinel paparazzi. I had previously done an Underwood concert last summer, so I got the thumbs-up again from her entourage. But, alls not well in Tinseltown for me. Ever since the word got out I was hanging out with Carrie, Lady Gaga has refused to return my phone calls.

Cher Monsieur Bill: Ma femme perd toujours son chien pendant les jeux au stade Bogle. Petit et blanc. Avez-vous vu le pooch? (Pierre/Roanoke)

Our RSS interpreter is on assignment doing a French restaurant review, but I’ll try to help out. Basically, Pierre says his wife always loses her dog during the games at Bogle Stadium. It’s small and white. Have I seen the pooch?

Answer: Je pense qu’il s’arrete a cote de ma voiture hier soir vendredi. Selon mon soulier, il a un gros appetit. Bonne chance!

(I think he stopped beside my car last Friday night. According to my shoe, he has a big appetite. Good luck!)

Dear Wild Man: We saw you in Richlands at the big game. Just curious, where did you eat? We may go back to shop and are looking for suggestions. (Jerry and Mona/Roanoke)

Answer: Our group had a bite at Lib’s Mobile Restaurante, just past the Quick Mart. Being the day after Thanksgiving, I had the turkey wrap, which was great. One of our three had the chips, also well presented. But, the key was the service. We were pressed for time and the maitre d’, a man by the name of Bobby, kept things moving out of the back with precision. Plenty of parking, credit cards not accepted. But, they close for the winter, so it may be spring before the reopening- call first. Four-star rating here.

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