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Shameless John Rosemond Promotion

by Keith McCurdy

It is always refreshing to hear someone else talk about parenting, especially when he makes good sense.  I have enjoyed getting to know John Rosemond over this past year and after a few dinners and much conversation, have been even more intrigued by his passion for parents and children.  It is encouraging to me when I find others that share an intense interest in helping families to operate in the way that God has intended.

With that in mind, I am pleased to plug for John about his upcoming event here in Roanoke.  Next Tuesday March 1st, John will be in town for two speaking engagements. The first will be at the Green Ridge Recreational Center at 10:00am and the second later that evening at the Patrick Henry Auditorium beginning at 6:30pm.  In preparation for this event, I asked John earlier this week what he wanted people to know about the two topics he would be discussing.  The morning session is entitled “Parenting with Love and Leadership” and the teaser from John is that “successful discipline is easy as long as you don’t listen to psychologists”.   The evening event entitled “Teen-Proofing” John described this way.  He wants parents to take away from this event that “teenagers are not difficult to live with; it’s a matter of proper management.”

Not only do I think that all will enjoy John’s wit and familiar approach to both topics, I believe that his insight is valuable to all parents.  Understanding that parenting is not about one particular strategy or skill and that we are in this for the long haul, not just the moment, is key in being an effective parent.  I believe that John communicates this well and his common sense and practical approach is one that is necessary in raising healthy families today.

Next Tuesday, join me in welcoming John back to Roanoke and come have a laugh and a little fun as well.

Tickets are available at the following locations:

Green Ridge Recreation Center  PH: 540-777-6300


Course numbers: 17927 and 17926

Dr. Paul Henny   PH: 540-774-1577

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