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Featured Artist At 2nd Helpings Likes Big Sky, Bright Colors

Carrie McNutt favors subjects from nature.

by Gene Marrano

Dramatic skies, all types of flowers, birds—“nature and beauty from God’s creations,” that’s what inspires Roanoke artist Carrie McNutt, whose work is currently on exhibit at the 2nd Helpings Gallery on Williamson Road.

McNutt, a Kansas native who has also lived in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, has had works on display for quite a while at 2nd Helpings (which is also a café and thrift store) but she is featuring new works until September 6th, kicked off by a meet-the-artist reception last Saturday.

Also in the spotlight is the pottery of Kelly Sisson, a professional potter and the Minister for Spiritual Direction and Studio Arts at the Roanoke Rescue Mission, which runs 2nd Helpings and receives the proceeds. Artists like McNutt split the sale price of their work in the gallery with the Rescue Mission.

McNutt has been in Roanoke for about two years, and has displayed works at 2nd Helpings for several months. Many of the oil paintings on display since the show opened last Saturday “have never been exhibited before,” she noted.

The 2nd Helpings gallery holds a meet the artist reception on the first Saturday of the month from 2-4 p.m., with free food samples from the 2nd Helpings café and live music.

“Winter’s Eve,” a brand new painting that McNutt joked was still “almost wet,” featured the dramatic lighting and clouds she seems to favor. “I’m trying to be a little bolder [these days]” said McNutt, who tended to favor more neutral pastels in the past. Another painting of clouds with sunlight breaking through them evoked tears from a man who saw it at the Center in the Square gallery, according to McNutt.

Many of her works are also available as print reproductions at the gallery. Poppies, geraniums, roosters, scenes of downtown Roanoke, McNutt excels with a varied group of subjects.  She also painted one of the outdoor café tables at 2nd Helpings, along with a handful of other artists; that eating/reception area will have an official debut next month, when all of the tabletop paintings are completed.

McNutt likes the art scene in Roanoke and how local artists “work together.”  Her paintings have also moved from the old Center in the Square art gallery (now closed) to the new One Block East shop at the corner of Williamson Road and Campbell Avenue.

Kelli Brown is the general manager at 2nd Helpings, where artists that sell a painting, sculpture, handcrafted jewelry, pottery, or other artwork, keep 60% of the proceeds, with the Rescue Mission receiving 40%. “It’s great for them and wonderful for us, and it’s great for the community,” said Brown. For beginning art collectors, “2nd Helpings is also an ideal gallery,” said Brown.

Joy Sylvester-Johnson, executive director for the Roanoke Rescue Mission, said the monthly artists receptions help draw new customers to 2nd Helpings, and bring back regular patrons of the gallery, who come even if they are not familiar with the featured artist.

“They want to see what’s new,” said Sylvester-Johnson, who is putting the finishing touches on her second play these days, a Christmas musical that will be produced in conjunction with the Roanoke Children’s Theater group from the Taubman Museum. Sylvester-Johnson said “2nd Helpings is going well after two years, often hitting the goal of $3000 in sales per day.”

“I really like this place,” said Carrie McNutt about the 2nd Helpings art gallery, “because all of the profits go to the Rescue Mission. That’s a great cause.”

(McNutt also does contract work; contact her at [email protected]).  

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