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Wild Bill’s Sports Roundup!

Bill Turner

It’s summer, it’s hot, the days are long and there’s good reason to be pooped out. Celebrating the Chief’s birthday last month wore everyone out at corporate headquarters, not to mention keeping the fire department on beck and call once all the candles were lit.

But, it’s time to move on with the month of July where way more celebrations than the Fourth are in order for this column.

July 5th brings us National Bikini Day. The bikini made it’s debut in France in 1946 to celebrate the end of WWII, but it took until the 60s for it to catch on in the U.S.. I guess you could say Americans were slow learners.

July 6th is National Kissing Day, where you get a chance to pucker up for summer love, the day being invented in the United Kingdom to remind us the simple pleasure a sweet kiss can bring. Once again, Americans lagging severely behind from those across the big pond.

Finally, July 14th brings us a celebration that originated in New Zealand, National Nude Day. I think I’m seeing a distinct trend developing from the 5th to the 14th, but the sports department at The Star offers a disclaimer and strongly suggest you review local ordinances. Otherwise, there could be more fireworks than the Fourth of July ever imagined.

Yes, you always learn something when you read this column.

Now, on to the world of sports where we acknowledge our spring sports VHSL All-State selections from the “Big-11”, announce an exciting new web site for a local sports club and get you up to date on action at Haley Toyota Field with the Salem Red Sox. Plus, a quick trip to the famous mail bag.

The “Big-11” was well represented in spring sports. Salem won the Class 4 baseball championship, Cave Spring took the Class 3 boys soccer title, North Cross picked up the VISAA Division 2 boys lacrosse championship and Cave Spring doubled up on girls Class 3 state tennis, winning both the state doubles and team championships, where all team members make All-State. Here’s a look at other individual winners.

Class 3 All-State Softball First Team:

Taylor Loving and Abby Weaver (Cave Spring); Hannah Mundy (Lord Botetourt).

Class 3 All-State Softball Second Team:

Meredith Wells and Lauren Holdren (Lord Botetourt).

Class 3 All-State Baseball First Team:

Thomas Francisco (Cave Spring).

Class 3 All-State Baseball Second Team:

Evan Parks (Northside) and Caleb Franklin (Lord Botetourt).

Class 3 All-State Girls Soccer First Team:

Jordyn Sadler (Hidden Valley) and McKinley Pollard (Cave Spring).

Class 3 All-State Girls Soccer Second Team:

Heather Finley, Sidney Keyes and Abby Whitlock (Lord Botetourt); Makayla Metzler and Julia Brown (Hidden Valley).

Class 3 All-State Boys Soccer First Team:

Marc Sharrer and CJ Poulsen (Cave Spring); Zack Durham and Bryson Sanchez (Lord Botetourt); PJ Allen (Northside). Player of the Year: PJ Allen, Coach of the Year: Brad Collins (Cave Spring).

Class 3 All-State Boys Soccer Second Team:

Blake Myers and Isaac Dehart (Lord Botetourt); Ethan Harris (Cave Spring); Daniel Pereira (Northside).

Class 4 All-State Girls Lacrosse First Team:

Madison Caldwell, Maddie Bowman, Charity Hall and Lilly Blair (Salem); Natalie Martin (Hidden Valley). Player of the Year: Lilly Blair, Coach of the Year: Maggi Pace (Salem).

Class 4 All-State Girls Lacrosse Second Team:

Amelia Kidd and Meg Coolbaugh (Hidden Valley); Kara Yates and Libby Bowman (Salem).

Class 4 All-State Softball First Team:

Myra Strum and Sydney Burton (William Byrd).

Class 4 All-State Softball Second Team:

Jada Karnes, Katie Fuchs, Ellassen Spangler and Alexis West (William Byrd).

Class 5 All-State Boys Soccer Second Team:

Ndayizeye Bonere and Erick Kilosho (Patrick Henry).

Class 1 All-State Softball Second Team:

Lydia Taylor (Glenvar).

Congratulations to all of our “Big-11” players for a great season.

The Roanoke Valley Sports Club invites everyone to visit their new, expanded and action packed web site at where you will find information about becoming a member, attending a meeting and seeing the list of upcoming speakers.

After a July break, the RVSC kicks off the its new year with the Thursday, August 16th meeting at the Salem Civic Center where University of Virginia Director of Athletics Carla Williams will be the guest speaker, and the club honors the Cave Spring girls state championship tennis team and North Cross boys lacrosse team.

The Salem Red Sox hit the warm summer nights at Haley Toyota Field with a four-game series against Winston-Salem July 9-12, a visit from Potomac on July 21-23 and another home stand against Winston-Salem July 27-29.

Finally, to the mail bag where one reader inquires about The Chief’s birthday.

Dear Wild Bill: Sounds like The Chief had quite the birthday bash. Did you buy him a present? (Veronica/SW Roanoke County)

Well, Veronica, Loudmouth is the official sportswear of the Wild Bill column, so I was all set to put him in the fast lane with a pair of pants. But, we heard The Chief hit the cake hard. Gotta resize his waist before proceeding.

Until next time, if you celebrate National Nude Day with fireworks, keep those sparkers held high.

Wild Bill Turner

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