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STUART REVERCOMB: The Malaise Thickens

Stuart Revercomb

Watching the arrival of the New Year on TV was interesting. Let’s just say that most of what we witnessed didn’t have a thing to do with anything we hold dear.  But entering a new decade added excitement to the moment and the double moniker of “2020” made it feel like a cultural and cosmic sea change could be coming.

One can only hope so on both scores.

Is it me, or has the American pop-cultural malaise reached a level of debasement beyond imagining? “Sex, drugs and (what passes for) rock and roll” now all seem to be its singular focus.

Sex? Letting one’s children scroll through the TV channel guide or watch a football game is no longer possible. Commercials and advertisements affirming that “anything goes” relative to dress, behavior and the solicitation of strangers abound.

“What’s that about dad?”

“Honestly son – I have no idea . . .”

Drugs? Marijuana is now legal in 11 states and 33 others are on the cusp. I can make good arguments both for and against but the reality is our children get the message: Drugging yourself is just fine. Maybe that’s why OVER 80,000 people died from overdoses in 2019.

80,000. Yearly.

I love rock and roll and used to play in a rhythm and blues band myself back in the day – but we didn’t play anything glorifying all of the above.

So yup, if ever a cosmic change was needed you might say it’s now.

I am.


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