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Science Museum Prepares For Reopening

While the the Science Museum of Western Virginia has decided to further delay opening, they are looking forward to welcoming their patrons & campers back for a summer of fellowship and exploration at the end of this month.

Safety, Fun, Educational… In that order.

Summer Camp Programs

Little Sherlock
K – 3rd Grade
June 22nd – 26th

Search a crime scene, collect important evidence and solve a mystery at this introductory Summer Camp into Forensic Science.

Forensic Science Camp
4th & 5th/6th & 7th Grade
June 29th – July 3rd

An in-depth introduction to Forensic Science, different types of evidence and how they are used to solve crimes.

Frozen: Science Behind the Magic
Pre K – 2nd Grade
June 13th – 17th

Take a journey through Disney’s magical fairy tale and use science to recreate your favorite Frozen storylines.

Code Breakers
K – 5th Grade
July 13th – 17th

The world runs on code, and we’re building the next generation of internet pioneers, one line of code at a time!

Make It Or Break It
K – 5th Grade
July 20th-24th

In an effort to put tools back into the hands of kids, we’re discovering the hidden workings of everyday household items from the inside out.

Early Explorers
Pre K – 2nd Grade
July 27th-31st

From reptiles, insects, fish and birds, we’re learning about the incredible flora and fauna dispersed throughout our planet, and the habitats they live in.

Pre-Med Camp
6th – 8th Grade
July 27th-31st

Pre-Med Camp is the first step in the path to a medical career. Explore the amazing world of human neurology, brain function and it’s structure with hands-on activities and dissection!

Cosmic Camp
K – 5th Grade
Aug 3rd-7th

Suit up, Cosmic Explorer, because we’re about to go on the journey of a lifetime to the very outer edges of our universe!

Before and After Care for those that need a flexible schedule:

Full-Day camps run from 9am-4pm. Before Camp Care (beginning at 8am each day) and After Camp Care (finishing at 5pm each day; 2pm for Half-Day camps) can be added to any camp session for an additional fee.
More information here

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