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How To Prepare A Garden For A Summer Party

Summer is knocking on our doors and in just a few weeks from now, we’ll enjoy bathing in the hot sun, cold drinks and, with the lockdown gone, our friends. We all miss these days when everyone could enjoy a great gathering, fortunately with all the restrictions lifted we now can, and that is why we summed up some essential tips on how to prepare your backyard garden for a great summer party.

Pick the right spot for the party 

If you happen to have a bigger garden, you are one of the lucky ones as you can choose from several different spots- the right one. For example, some things to look out for while choosing is the shade, whether or not it has some natural protection like some trees, or a fence, anything to provide you and your guests with some shelter from the sun. If not, you can always set up a few sun umbrellas. Then again, you’ll have to cut the grass and make sure the spot has firm soil,  muddy or wet soil is something you want to avoid. It is not only that your guests are going to stand there, you’ll have to set up some tables, chairs, and basic party utilities, which is why you’ll need some secure ground to stand on. 

Look at the position in terms of how far it is from your kitchen, deck, or grill. You’ll want to find a spot where a lot of people can freely move without restrictions, yet again, it should not be far enough so you cannot reach your drinks or kitchenware. We strongly recommend taking all this into account before deciding on the spot, as it can play a huge part in making the party more memorable. 

Setting up the furniture 

For a perfect summer garden party, there are a few options. First and foremost, after cleaning up the garden, you should start looking for some furniture to put in place. Make sure your visitors are all pleasant and comfy with seats, tables, and even some deck chairs for added comfort. Then again, one interesting idea is getting a kitchen counter for the garden. There is a vast option of different factors to take into account when looking for the right one. For example, you might be paying attention to the design and the materials for an outdoor kitchen counter as the options can vary drastically; also, make sure to look at the size and how it all matches the surrounding. The countertops are efficient, save you a lot of trouble and make it easier to host parties and serve people as you’ll have more than enough space to do so. You might however ask, how about hygiene? Fact is because they are exposed to the elements, some muck, and stains, as well as bacteria, may find their way onto the counter. However, with a few basic cleaning supplies, you can make it hygienic in no time. It’s tough, can take a beating, and lasts a long time, and it’s ideal for any outdoor activity when paired with stainless steel kitchen accessories.

You’ll simply have a space to prepare the food, on the spot, without having to go through the trouble of going inside every time to bring new dishes to the table. And let us not forget how impressive it looks, and contributes to the overall atmosphere. 

Make sure to decorate it well 

You’ll want to decorate the garden property when preparing for a party and the first thing which immediately catches the attention of your guests is how well it is all decorated. With some lights set up, a few balloons, and a bit of color, you can make it a memorable experience. 

Take care of the waste and dirt 

We highly recommend cleaning the garden before the party. If you happen to have a lot of debris, dirt, and other waste just lying around, we do encourage cleaning everything up, nicely, and then, of course, inviting your guest to come. Also, look out for any uncomfortable smells, if something is giving off a rotting scent, or maybe anything that might disturb your guest while trying to have a great time. 

Prepare the driveway 

Though not part of the garden per se, the driveway is the first thing your guests will notice immediately once they arrive at the spot. Make sure to use a high compression water pistol and clean it nicely removing all the stains which have been there due to weather conditions and exposure to animals and the sun. Make sure it is all nice and tight and enjoy it while welcoming each of your guests, one by one. 

One last piece of advice is to have some flowers around, maybe plant a few as it will take you about an hour or two to do so, and you’ll decorate it naturally. Also, make sure the grass is cut down, and after the party, collect all the plastic and dispose of it correctly, thereby contributing to saving the environment.

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