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Governor Youngkin Announces Virginia / Google Computer Science Partnerships

Governor Glenn Youngkin has announced that Google has pledged to invest $300 million in Virginia with a total economic impact to the Commonwealth at approximately $8.8 billion.
In addition, Google announced a $250,000 grant to Virginia’s computer science advocacy and service provider, CodeVA.
CodeVA will partner together with Google and other critical stakeholders to develop a network of Computer Science Lab Schools, provide computer science professional development opportunities for computer science teachers and expand computer science resources for Virginia’s students and workers looking to re-skill for the knowledge economy.
Google will also partner with the Virginia Community College System’s 23 colleges and 5 Higher Education Centers to provide a turnkey set of professional certificates to help workers and learners gain the most in-demand skills and competencies. The partnership announcement bolsters the administration’s commitment to innovative schools, restoring excellence in education, and expanding opportunities for Virginia’s students and workers.
“Google’s investment and partnership announcement is a timely and exciting development for the Commonwealth. Code with Google and CodeVA will prepare the next generation of Virginia’s students for careers in computer science,” said Governor Youngkin. “As governor, I am committed to creating workforce development opportunities, expanding our computer science opportunities for Virginia’s students, and reestablishing high expectations in education. Now the general assembly must act to move forward with lab schools to maximize the potential of the partnerships announced today for the benefit of Virginia’s students,”
“I have lived in Virginia for more than 40 years and am thrilled to see Google continue to grow and invest in the region,” said Vint Cerf, VP and Chief Internet Manager at Google. “We’re committed to playing a positive role in the communities we call home, and our latest partnerships with CodeVA, VCCS, and the Department of Education to help nurture the next generation of tech talent in Virginia are another testament to that commitment.”
“The Grow with Google Partner Program” provides free resources that community organizations can use to teach digital skills that can help people grow their careers and businesses. Partners receive, at no cost, program materials, training and a dedicated support team. We work with partners of all sizes from anywhere in the United States.
With its data centers in Loudoun County and a growing office in Reston, Google has 480+ employees across the Commonwealth working in critical functions such as Google Cloud and the infrastructure that makes Google services like Search fast and reliable for users around the world. In 2021, Google helped provide $8.84 billion of economic activity for VA businesses, publishers, creators, developers and nonprofits.
CodeVA will develop a network of Computer Science Lab Schools that will span every region of the Commonwealth. These schools will be based on the successful innovation model at CodeRVA Regional High School in Richmond.
CodeVirginia’s efforts to work with students, teachers, school districts, parents and policymakers assumes a statewide footprint. CodeVA was founded with the principle that anyone can code, and that every Virginia child has a fundamental right to computer science literacy. Since 2013, CodeVA has taken great strides as the first affiliate partner of national computer science education nonprofit in making computer science a priority for Virginia.
CodeRVA Regional High School provides an innovative learning environment that uses blended and project-based learning to develop students’ self-management skills while integrating academic content, agile workplace methodologies, and internship experiences that provide a pipeline of critical thinkers prepared to enter college or Richmond’s growing tech sector.
CodeRVA’s design builds on next generation high school models across the nation that rethink the use of time and space, leverage technology to personalize and accelerate learning, and redesign curriculum to align with competency-based progressions. Focused on computer science, the school offers the opportunity to complete high school requirements through a combination of blended (online and face-to-face) learning, integrated coursework, and project-based learning.

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