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Father’s Day Is June 19–Some Recent Dad Stats

It’s time to pull your jokes out of the dad-a-base because Father’s Day is almost here!

According to a recent survey conducted by, the USA’s most generous cash back site, 80 percent of Americans say their favorite part about Father’s Day is spending time with family.

The survey polled a cross-section of 1,850 adults, aged 18 and over.

Dad’s Day Decisions

Do you plan on celebrating Father’s Day this year?

  • Yes (75 percent)
  • No (25 percent)

With more than half of Americans (58 percent) planning on giving a gift to their father-figure(s), the top five gifts this year are:

  • Breakfast, lunch, brunch and/or dinner with family/friends (31 percent)
  • Gift card (29 percent)
  • Clothes/tie (28 percent)
  • Tools (20 percent)
  • Greeting card/acknowledgment I’m doing a good job (19 percent)

And dads/father-figures are seemingly on the same page with their number one answer:

What do you really want on your special day? (select all that apply) [top five responses]

  • Breakfast, lunch, brunch and/or dinner with family/friends (45 percent)
  • Experience [sporting event, concert, etc.] (25 percent)
  • Gift card (24 percent)
  • Technology [TV, phone, etc.] (20 percent)
  • Tools (19 percent)

Home is Where the Heart is

Out of the following, what would be your father-figure’s biggest pet peeve?

  • Leaving the lights on (27 percent)
  • Someone stealing the TV remote/changing the channel (21 percent)
  • Thermostat too high/low (20 percent)
  • Doors being kept open (17 percent)
  • Dirty dishes in the sink (15 percent)

Where does/did your father-figure spend most of their time in the house?

  • Living room/family room (38 percent)
  • Backyard (17 percent)
  • Anywhere as long as there’s a TV (15 percent)
  • Basement/garage (11 percent)
  • Home office (11 percent)
  • Kitchen (Seven percent)
  • Bathroom (One percent)

With 34 percent reporting that their father-figure(s) have/had a “man-cave” or something similar, here are the top five things found in this special space:

  • TV (57 percent)
  • Reclining chair (35 percent)
  • Crafting materials [wood, tools, scissors, etc.] (33 percent)
  • Refrigerator (25 percent)
  • Sports memorabilia (23 percent)

Pop” Culture

Out of the following, which TV dad is your father-figure most like?

  • Tim Taylor [from Home Improvement] (35 percent)
  • Homer Simpson [from The Simpsons] (18 percent)
  • Danny Tanner [from Full House] (16 percent)
  • Jack Pearson [from This is Us] (12 percent)
  • Phil Banks [from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air] (11 percent)
  • Johnny Rose [from Schitt’s Creek] (Eight percent)

And while there’s plenty of “pop” culture out there, 59 percent of Americans say that “dad jokes” are their favorite dad-ism. However, a quarter of Americans prefer “dad style,” while 10 percent chose “dad dance moves” and six percent favor “dad bods.”

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