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Full Funding Restored For Recreation Budget At Philpott Lake

Delegate Wren Williams (R – Stuart) has announced that the Army Corps of Engineers at Philpott Lake is now scheduled to receive full funding for their recreation budget of $1.6 million. As of last month, current drafts of the Fiscal Year 2023 Army Corps Operations and Maintenance budget showed that Philpott Lake’s recreation budget had been slashed by 34%, or $545,000.

Franklin County has long been known as “The Land Between the Lakes.” Most are familiar with Smith Mountain Lake, which is larger and lies on the east side of Franklin County, closer to Roanoke. Fewer, however, are familiar with Philpott Lake, which lies on the southwest side of Franklin County and also touches Patrick and Henry Counties, closer to Martinsville.

Fairy Stone State Park, known for its unusually-shaped crystals, adjoins Philpott Lake and offers camping and cabins for those seeking overnight accommodations.

Delegate Wren M. Williams made the following statement:

“Philpott Lake is one of the best-kept secrets of our district, with its pristine beaches, blissful fishing, and beautiful nature views. The Army Corps of Engineers uses the Recreation Budget to maintain the parks, boat launches, beaches, and camping sites for all of our residents and tourists to enjoy. Without that funding, these facilities would degrade and eventually have to close.

Saving Philpott Lake’s recreation funding is a huge win for residents of Patrick, Franklin, and Henry, and for our local businesses that thrive off fishing and tourism.

I especially want to thank the staff at Philpott Lake for their hard work preserving, maintaining, and making available this great natural resource for us to enjoy. And I want to thank Congressman Morgan Griffith’s Office for working with us to get this vital funding restored. I will keep fighting for our district to get the investments our communities need.”

The Army Corps of Engineers at Philpott Lake will officially receive their full funding for FY23 when Congress enacts the FY23 appropriations bill.

-Scott Dreyer

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