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The Practicality of a Folding Knife for Everyday Tasks: 6 Things to Know

At one point in time, a foldable pocket knife could be found in nearly every boy and man’s pocket. Now, however, they have gone out of fashion. People tend not to use them as much as they used to before.

Part of the reason for this is that people spend a lot less time outdoors, working with their hands. People carried folding knives (or utility knives) because they were a necessary part of their daily lives. However, despite the fact people do not spend as much time outside or work as hard, that’s not to say that folding knives are still not useful.

This post will tell you about six everyday tasks that you can use a folding knife for.

Opening Packages

Most people order things online nowadays, instead of buying things from brick-and-mortar stores. What this means is, the average person receives at least one package a week. Most people, when they receive packages, frantically tear at them with their hands and teeth. If you own a pocket knife, then you don’t need to worry about bloodying your nails or damaging your teeth trying to get into securely packaged parcels. According to this pocket knife guide, pocket knives are very affordable, which means they are a sensible investment. If you keep your pocket knife with you at all times, you will be able to efficiently and effectively open parcels. You will also be able to open them in a way that doesn’t involve damaging the box or the parcel’s contents.

Popping Bottles

The term ‘popping bottles’ is affectionately used to refer to opening bottles of expensive liquor in nightclubs. However, if you are a regular drinker, then popping bottles is something you’ll probably do on a daily basis, just bottles of beer, not champagne. Having a pocket knife around means that you never need to worry about not having a bottle opener again. It’ll also mean that you do not have to use your teeth. Using your teeth to open bottles can be very dangerous. Pocket knives are a highly effective way of opening bottles of all sizes.

Removing Staples

If you work in an office or run a home business, then you’ll probably encounter a lot of documents that have staples fixed to them. Removing staples can be very challenging without a pocket knife. Often, people have to use pens and other pieces of stationary to pry staples out. With a pocket knife, you’ll be able to slip it in and underneath, and pop the staples that are in your way right out. Make sure that you remove staples gently because being too rough could lead to you damaging the document you’re trying to access.

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Sharpening Pencils

Most people have access to pencil sharpeners, to be honest. However, if you are somebody who has a tendency to forget their pencil sharpener and always has to ask other people to use theirs, then worry not, just buy a pocket knife. Unlike pencil sharpeners, pocket knives are large enough not to be forgotten (meaning you won’t forget to put yours in your pocket in the morning, because pocket knives are large and quite obvious). Sharpening with a pocket knife requires a little practice, but once you’ve got the hang of it it’ll be easy.

Adding Holes

If you wear leather belts, then you’ll probably already know how difficult it can be to get one that’s sized appropriately. If you have a pocket knife, then you won’t ever have to worry about buying awkwardly sized belts ever again. You will quite easily be able to carve a hole out in your belt. Attempting to carve a hole in a belt with anything other than a pocket knife can be very difficult. A lot of people try to hammer nails through their belts, but this usually just leads to the belts becoming misshapen and the holes not being large enough.

Opening Mail

In addition to being used for opening parcels, you can use your pocket knife as a letter opener. Remember: Most people lick letters to seal them. Considering the fact the world has just come out of a pandemic that claimed the lives of millions of people, coming into contact with the saliva of strangers probably isn’t a good idea. Using your knife to open letters will mean you don’t have to touch the parts of the letter licked by the sender. You may need a pocket knife with a thin blade for this, though.

Pocket knives have a lot more uses than those mentioned here. This article’s suggestions are really just the tip of the iceberg, there’s so much more that you can do with a pocket knife. They are just as useful today as they were a century ago, so if you don’t own one, now’s the time to think about picking one up.


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