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The Beyond Average Use of Artificial Intelligence 

We are constantly evolving and so does everything around us… monkeys, humans, and even our machines parallelly with our knowledge. Currently, artificial intelligence is at the top of technological evolution with new innovations like ChatGPT, Metaverse, Chatbots and much more. 

This, of course, isn’t important to the average person, and our machines are mostly developed for everyday people. In fact there are plans to have AI based worlds where we can make money in the Metaverse through digital efforts in web 3.0

Additionally, we need to learn to operate these machines. When we invent something or a revolutionary object comes out, only a few people understand or can use them. They need to be made available and understandable for more people. To achieve this, we need to transform our minds to a level where we can all embrace modern knowledge or can further develop ourselves to understand the science of the future.

How Can Machines Help Us Evolve

Why is it good to develop with the use of intelligent machines? Because our machines mirror our knowledge, our desires, and our stage of development. You can also develop from the mirror image of what these machines represent if you can look at yourself from an outer perspective. And if you don’t like what you see, you can readjust to move in a different direction. But if you like it, you can progress further on the path you are on. 

The word artificial means it is not perfect but with its help, we can achieve something. When we started developing artificial foods, we didn’t see where it was going to take us. We can better see it now, looking back a few years. When you eat living or whole foods, you will be more alive and can enjoy your life better. When you eat artificial vitamins, you will realize that you won’t have quite the same vitality and zest for life, because life stems from living things. 

The same applies to our machines and artificial intelligence… for a while you can enjoy the calculator calculating for you, your laptop helping you out at work, so you can focus on something else. But after some time, all the revolutionary high-tech things won’t turn you on that much. Why? Because your instinct usually whispers you to go back to nature. After a while, you won’t get excited about cars and homes equipped with the latest technology, but cannot breathe. 

Our Instinct of Back To Nature 

Evolving technology is a good thing, but if you think about how you feel when you are sitting for hours in your car, and your body parts become fat… you crave moving and start thinking about how you could integrate it into your life. Generally, our technical appliances satisfy our need for a helping tool, but we always end up needing natural things more. If you spend too much time in your car driving, you will try to go to the gym early in the morning or late at night, losing sleep.

When your life is packed with time spent in the car and some time for the gym, and there’s not much time left for other things, you need to regroup things for different outcomes. You could go to work by bike, thus combining your need to exercise with travel. This allows you to spend your extra time doing other things since you don’t have to go to the gym in the evening. You could look for a relationship instead, or put more energy into your existing one…

AI as The Next Step of Evolution 

The evolution of AI is linear, and we as the creators of the machines can decide which direction it takes. Similarly, the way you decide on self and your children’s development, and how you participate in evolutionary development. If you choose to use machines, you take time away from somewhere, but if you advance yourself physically or mentally, it takes time away from you. You should always decide what you want to improve yourself in. 

When you can see where a path leads, It’s easy to move forward on it. However, there are paths that you haven’t yet taken, nor has anyone. Eventually, you need to try those paths as well. When you try to take a new path, you should always summarize the things that worked and those which did not. These findings are very helpful for those who come after us and try the same or similar paths. This way, they don’t have to start from scratch trying out new things. 

When someone has already tried something, it’s enough if you only add to it or change it! Your families are meant to help you in this. You have a choice to go on the path of your parents, change it, or create something entirely new. The entirely new path is, of course, the hardest. Our technical appliances are the same. If something doesn’t work, we have to redesign it. And if it doesn’t work at all, it needs to be eliminated. And if it’s entirely new, we need to try it first. This is how we evolve.

New Inventions

When someone invents something that wasn’t tested on how it contributes to humanity, it shouldn’t be produced in large quantities. Because if anyone invests heavily in it, his interest will certainly go against the common interest. If this happens, it doesn’t matter if we want to stop using cars that badly pollute the air, or if we want to drink from a glass instead of plastic bottles. They raise conflicts of interest.

When we strived to reconnect with nature so far, we have always made the wrong decision. We wanted to eliminate most artificial or technical things we used earlier. If you think about what would have happened if the prehistoric men had abolished the very first things he created? We don’t have to throw away everything, just useless or dangerous things. However, we should shut them down before production so that we do not destroy our Earth.

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