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Nighttime Garden Club Starts in Roanoke

Roanoke welcomes its first nighttime garden club – The Star City Garden Club.   The club was formed to connect, grow, and educate folks who work during the day but still have a love of horticulture. The goal is to encourage and inspire all those who have an interest with flowers, plants, and everything gardening.

As a new group, they are thrilled with the initial turnout of new members who are eager to collaborate with fellow garden enthusiasts. The club offers a combination of workshops, speakers, field trips and hands-on events. A future goal is to adopt an outreach program so they can give back to the community.

Their first meeting finished with a fun filled party making Bird Bundt Cake Feeders. This was a fabulous way to kick off the group getting to know each other and share a few laughs.  Members also participated in decorating a Christmas tree in the “Fashions for Evergreens” event at the Hotel Roanoke.  This was Roanoke Council of Garden Clubs inaugural year to decorate a tree and their “Birds, Berries and Blossoms” concept won honorable mention from the public vote.  The team was proud to take part in this annual fundraiser and contribute to the United Way of Roanoke Festival of Trees.

The Roanoke Council of Garden Clubs is thrilled to have a new club for folks who are not able to attend any of the various daytime clubs. Mary Almond, RCGC President remarked “… This group is filling a need for Roanoke and excited to see the enthusiasm and participation so far…”

Star City Garden Club is currently setting up their 2023 schedule and enjoyed February’s guest speaker, Jessica Downs from Gatewood Rose Botanicals. Gatewood Rose is a houseplant shop in downtown Roanoke. The group learned so much about plant care education and strategies to have thriving houseplants.

On March  7th they welcome Sarah’s Petals Wedding Florist and Cut Flower Farm. Sarah Sowers is a florist who specializes in creating lush florals inspired by nature and from fresh cut flowers grown on her farm in Fincastle. She prides herself on “grown not flown” flowers that are sold to many top local florists in the Roanoke area. All her flowers are grown in a sustainable manner without the use of pesticides, chemicals, fertilizers, or herbicides. Sarah loves doing weddings or corporate events, but you can also purchase Sarah’s flowers at both the downtown Roanoke and Botetourt Farmers markets every Saturday morning.

If anyone is interested in speaking at the Star City Garden Club please reach out to Star City President Nancy Hughes. The club meets the first Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm and meetings are held at The Roanoke Council of Garden Clubs located on Colonial Ave. They meet monthly except for the months of January and July. Dues to join this group are $45.00 a year.

Thrilled local artist, Mary Vargas has joined Star City and offered her beautiful artistry to design the club logo.  You can catch Mary’s work at Black Dog Salvage along with many art shows. Mary has won countless awards, participated in many exhibitions and publications. You can visit her website at

For More information on Star City Garden Club you can email Nancy Hughes at [email protected] and for any interviews or publicity please contact Sherrene Wells at [email protected]   The Roanoke Council of Garden Clubs is located at 3640 Colonial Avenue. The Garden Center is open Monday through Friday 9 am-12 noon (Please call ahead for rental appointments) (540) 343-4519 or  [email protected].  Visitors are always welcome. Follow the Roanoke Council of Garden Clubs on Facebook Instagram to see their program announcements.

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