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Roanoke Regional Partnership Seeks Artists for Interior Mural Project


Since 1983, the Roanoke Regional Partnership has built an impressive record of delivering on a program of economic development activities that focus on attracting jobs, people, money, and ideas to create a superior quality of life in the Roanoke Region.

The Roanoke Region has a thriving, innovative and growing economy that is inclusive of diverse businesses and talent, with quality sites, advanced infrastructure, and an array of natural and cultural lifestyle amenities and activities.


Play a part in helping the region grow for years to come. We’re looking for artists to create original works surrounding the Roanoke Regional Partnership’s four tenets:

(1) economic growth and innovation,
(2) livability,
(3) commercial real estate and infrastructure, and
(4) talent attraction.

These pieces will be seen by major decision-makers in the Roanoke Region and well beyond. This artwork will hang in our brand-new boardroom—a space where regional government and business leaders regularly convene to discuss the region’s economic progress; a space where national and international C-suite executives meet to discuss expansions and new investment in the Roanoke Region; a space for the business decision makers.

This art will help tell the story of living, working, and growing in the Roanoke Region and will have an impact on bringing prosperity to our community. We want your work to leave an impression of progress, prosperity, and livability on our prospects and investors. Unlike public art’s high visibility, these pieces are reserved for the movers and shakers in the business investment world and can directly impact the economic progress of our community.

The Roanoke Regional Partnership is seeking exhibition-ready installation pieces for its boardroom with installation in summer of 2023. The project will be a multi-mural installation comprised of four (4) separate murals to be installed inside the boardroom of the Franklin Plaza building at 111 Franklin Rd SE, Roanoke, VA 24011

Murals will be 5’ tall by 5’ wide. Murals will not be painted directly onto the wall, but instead be painted on a 5’ x 5’ panels, medium to be determined by selected artists.

Selected artists along with the Partnership staff will determine as a group what medium of paint to use on the project.


Interested artists will be assigned a theme for their piece. Artists can prioritize their interest in the themes: economic growth and innovation, livability, commercial real estate and infrastructure, and talent attraction by listing them one through four. There is no guarantee that they will be assigned their first choice.

Next, artists will be assigned a theme and must submit a 2’x2’ mock-up design of their proposed piece. Mockups will be received and reviewed by a panel of project stakeholders. Artists may submit additional themes if they’d like.

After all mockups are received and reviewed, the final four (4) artists/submissions will be chosen to complete his/her designated mural as part of the final installation.

Roanoke Regional Partnership retains the right to use copies of finished artwork in other publications/mediums.

interior board room image of blank green wall table and chairs

interior board room with blank wall and projection wall


1. After an artist receives their theme designation, the artist will be responsible for submitting a mockup for review by the designated deadline for draft submissions – midnight on Wednesday, June 21st, 2023.

2. Artists selected will be notified by Friday, June 23rd and assigned their category.

3. If an artist is selected, the artist is responsible for finding their own secure workspace that can fit one 5’x5’ panel needed to create their final piece.

4. Artists will be responsible for securing all paint necessary to complete their final submission, the determined panel will be provided, or artists will be provided a compensation for panels.

5. Artists will be responsible for delivering final mural pieces for installation to the Roanoke Regional Partnership at 111 Franklin Plaza, Suite 333, Roanoke VA 24011 by July 7th, 2023.


Artists will be paid $1,200 PER PANEL.

TO PARTICIPATE: Interested artists should contact Lisa Link as soon as possible at

[email protected]

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