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Candidate Q&A: Jason Peters For Roanoke Co. Commissioner Of Revenue

This Q&A is part of a series interviewing candidates for various political offices around the Roanoke Valley. In order to help personalize the process, the questions begin with some background information and then move to issue-related questions. Today’s Q&A is with Jason Peters (R), running to serve as Roanoke County’s Commissioner of the Revenue.

The Roanoke Star:  Tell us about your family – are you married? Number of children or grandchildren?

Mr. Peters: I am married to my wife Candye. We have 8 children (7 living). Currently, 8 grandchildren, and 1 on the way at any time.

The Roanoke Star: Who is your current employer and what is your current title/position there?

Mr. Peters:  I am employed with First Citizens Bank, serving the bank as a vice president.

The Roanoke Star: What special abilities or background do you think would make you the best person for this job going forward?

Mr. Peters: My background in finance will be a great asset in the Commissioner’s office. I have a history of providing efficient customer service. I am also going into this position knowing how Roanoke County operates due to my 10 years on the Board of Supervisors.

The Roanoke Star: What is your favorite book?

Mr. Peters: The Bible is my go-to; besides that, my favorite book is EMT: Beyond the Lights and Sirens. That was a book given to me by my stepfather when I first started serving in the Vinton First Aid Crew.

The Roanoke Star: What do you think are the 3 biggest crises/challenges facing Roanoke County today, and are there any specific steps as Commissioner of the Revenue you will take to solve them?   

Mr. Peters: 1. Economic Development – The Commissioner must work closely with the economic development department and Board of Supervisors to evaluate incentives that can be offered to businesses in Roanoke County.

  1. Tax Relief for our citizens – The Commissioner needs to have a close relationship with the Board of Supervisors, so the Supervisors have the best information as they evaluate how to extend relief to our citizens.
  1. Maintaining a strong public safety system–The Commissioner needs to maintain proper assessments so the money will be there to provide this service.

The Roanoke Star:   What are some changes you propose making to the Commissioner of the Revenue office that you believe will improve customer satisfaction and ease of use?

Mr. Peters: Streamlining services, creating a better relationship with the Treasurer’s office, and having regular meetings with business owners to see how we can improve services.

The Roanoke Star: Why do you think County voters should vote for a change in the Commissioner of Revenue’s office?

Mr. Peters: I will bring a business-friendly environment to the Commissioner’s office. I will work closely with the Treasurer and our Information Technology (IT) department to streamline processes. In my banking career, I hear about the deficiencies and I want to work directly with the citizens and business owners to improve our services.

The Roanoke Star: Please write one positive comment about your opponent in this race that you appreciate and respect. 

Mr. Peters: I have considered Nancy [Horn] a friend for years. We have supported many of the same events here in Vinton and in fact she has been to our home for a Christmas party. This campaign for me is nothing personal.

The next candidate profiles will Sen. David Suetterlein (R) and City Councilwoman Trish White-Boyd (D) running to be the next District 4 state senator.

–Scott Dreyer

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