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Wild Bill’s Weekly Sports Roundup

by Bill Turner

Week two of high school football is behind us, and the colleges have gotten underway with several unexpected outcomes and unusual commentaries.

The best may have been the chatter coming out of the SEC after Boise State knocked off Georgia. Boise State was rebuked afterward as not a valid contender for the national title game because they play a weak schedule. Strange, SEC geniuses; they beat the tar out of your ranked Bulldogs 35-21 in a game that was basically a Georgia home game.

Boise State has now won three straight ‘we’ll play anyone’ openers- vs Oregon, Virginia Tech and Georgia. The SEC may well have the elite teams in the  country, but quit the crying. The SEC should be more concerned with the current BCS joke that can rob them. It’s time for an 8-team playoff to play it out for an undisputed champion. If your conference is an underachiever, get better. Maybe, it would also slow down these early-season scrimmage games.

Frank Beamer runs a quality program in Blacksburg, far above the level of the recent ACC football shenanigans. If Texas A&M hits the SEC as #13, Tech should jump and beg at being #14, before Florida State starts packing, thus leaving the rest of ACC football in disaster mode.

Now on to the high school predictions for week 3, after a respectable 6-3 performance last week.

Patrick Henry at Pulaski County

PH is 2-0, Pulaski 0-2. Records can fool you and this one may be closer than you think. Nonetheless, I’ll keep fiddling around and go with Alan Fiddler getting win #3. PH-28   Pulaski County-17

Magna Vista at William Fleming

Fleming keeps facing the big dogs and the Warriors are no exception. The Carter/Hankins duo may keep the carpet at Fleming hopping for Magna Vista. Magna Vista- 31    William Fleming-9

Salem at Franklin County

Franklin County looks strong after their win in Northern VA. Salem opened on the road with a tough win. Rocky Mount may prove rougher than Daleville. Franklin County- 24    Salem-14

Hidden Valley at Lord Botetourt

The Titans ended their 12-game losing streak last week against Byrd. Why stop there. The River Ridge knocks off the Blue Ridge again.

Hidden Valley- 20  Lord Botetourt-12

Northside at Cave Spring

The field at Bogle Stadium is to be dedicated to Bill Edmunds and Charlie Hammes in a pre-game ceremony. If you never saw a Bill Edmunds trick play in the 60s, you missed some beauties. Watch for Edmunds to signal in a play. With Sam Wright in the CS backfield, they may not need one.

Cave Spring- 31     Northside-27

Brookville at William Byrd

The Terriers had a tough week at Hidden Valley where Murphy’s Law ruled. Playing Brookville is not the way to get Murphy’s Law resolved.

Brookville- 42   William Byrd-12

Glenvar at James Monroe, WVA

I have no clue about James Monroe except he was a president from Virginia. I hope Kevin Clifford’s Highlanders defeat Monroe in any reelection attempt. Glenvar-38     James Monroe 7th (president).

North Cross at Blessed Sacrament

I learned my lesson last Saturday. If this was a day game, I’d take North Cross by 15. But, a night game on the road may be a different chore. Should be close. Blessed Sacrament- 28   North Cross-27

Brunswick Academy at Roanoke Catholic

I got stewed by the Celtics last week in their 42-0 loss. Can Brunswick pull the pot over my head this week? I hope not. Roanoke Catholic-21    Brunswick-12

On to the mailbag for a quick kick

Dear Wild Bill: I saw your report on the guy booting a 57-yard field goal aginst North Cross. Wasn’t that just a fluke because of the wind?  (Harkey/Blacksburg)

Answer: No way, Harkey. The wind blows at fields every week across the country. How many 57-yarders have you seen? The kicker, Charlotte Latin’s Paul Griggs, is the real deal. Watch for him at Purdue next year.

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