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Wild Bill’s Weekly Sports Roundup

by Bill Turner

High school football moves to week four Friday night with two of our Roanoke-area teams remaining undefeated. Northside checks in at 3-0 after a convincing win over Cave Spring last Friday.

Patrick Henry continued to roll with an impressive 24-point victory at always-tough Pulaski County in Dublin, likewise improving to 3-0.

Last week’s predictions came in at 8-1, and it was nice to get the mist from Tropical Storm Lee off my crystal ball. With no hurricanes in sight, let’s grab the mystic orb before anything else fogs things up.

Blacksburg at Patrick Henry: Nero fiddled while Rome burned. This time a Fiddler is on the sideline, a Prince is under center, and it won’t be Rome that’s torched. Patrick Henry-44    Blacksburg-9

William Fleming at E.C. Glass: This may be the best chance for a Colonel win. Last year they fell to the Hilltoppers twice, by 3 and 8 points. The question remains-can Fleming score enough points? E.C. Glass-16   William Fleming-12

Northside at Hidden Valley: The Vikings found Bogle Field to their liking last Friday night with a 45 point explosion. The Titans are on a two-game winning streak. The Viking armada may be too much to slow down. Northside-38  Hidden Valley-14

Cave Spring at Lord Botetourt: Botetourt looks to regroup after two straight losses. Trying to chase down Cave Spring’s Sam Wright may prove to be the biggest challenge Daleville has faced in ages. Cave Spring-40   Lord Botetourt-13

William Byrd at Salem: Terrier head coach Jeff Highfill returns to Salem where he was a standout at Andrew Lewis in the late 60s. Those Wolverines had a lot of bite, and so may these Spartans. Salem- 28  William Byrd- 7

North Cross at Bishop Sullivan Catholic: The Raiders travel cross-state to find Bishop Sullivan waiting with a 3-0 record. A Saturday day game favors North Cross; the six-hour road trip does not. Should be close. Bishop Sullivan- 23   North Cross-21

Roanoke Catholic at Craig County: Both teams can light up the scoreboard, so this could be a track meet. Both teams are 2-1. Home team gets the nod. Craig County- 27   Roanoke Catholic-20

Glenvar: (Open week).

On to the mailbag for this week’s reader commentary and inquiries

Dear Wild Bill: Amazing! You only missed one game for the second time in three weeks. Where do you get all your information from? (John/Boones Mill)

Answer: A Ouija board

Dear Mr. Predictor: So what if you can pick those high school games. Show me the real deal and predict a college showdown. (Harold/Roanoke)

Answer: OK, OK . . . you win, Harold. Virginia Tech over Arkansas State

Dear Olympic Judge: How did they score the tomato throwing event at the Eastmont Tomato Festival? (Stacy/Salem)

Answer: Well, Stacy, first buy a shirt with a bulls eye on it. Then, call me while tomatoes are still on the vine. I’ll gladly demonstrate the scoring system.

Send your inquiries to: [email protected]

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