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Wild Bill’s Weekly Sports Roundup

by Bill Turner

Well, the final week of the regular season is upon us. That can only mean rivalry week for several local teams, as well as the final push to make the regional playoffs which start next Friday.

Last week’s predictions clearly provided the pick of the season, when Cave Spring knocked Christiansburg from the ranks of the undefeated. The pick here was Cave Spring to win by two, and that selection got plenty of comment prior to last Friday night’s game. Most of the readers asked if I was pulling their leg. A couple questioned if my column contained a misprint. No, and, no.

To clear things up, in case you missed the final score: Cave Spring 26 Christiansburg 21. It was the worst weather in two years with both sleet and steady rain, but watching this game unfold on the sideline was worth every drenched second. (See this week’s article!)

It’s hard to believe the regular season comes to an end, but back to business for this week’s super-7 selections. Hopefully, we’ll go out in style.

Patrick Henry at William Fleming

The cross-town rivalry between the two city schools has several subplots. PH lost big last Friday and was eliminated from post-season play. Fleming broke a 19-game losing streak with their win at Halifax. This one may be a lot closer than you think: Patrick Henry- 17    Wm. Fleming- 11

Lord Botetourt at Northside

The Cavaliers got smacked by Alleghany 35-0 last Friday. Northside will be going for a 10-0 regular season on senior night at Hickam Field. The odds are stacked: Northside- 38    Lord Botetourt- 9

William Byrd at Rockbridge County

Rockbridge looks to recover after its loss to Northside that settled the Blue Ridge. Byrd looks to regroup after a late setback to Staunton River. The Wildcats may have too many weapons: Rockbridge County- 28   Wm. Byrd- 20

Hidden Valley at Cave Spring

The battle of Southwest Roanoke County plays out at Bogle Stadium. Both teams come in with winning records and playoff berths in hand. It should be one of the best in the history of the Paint Can Trophy series. Sam Wright may be the deciding factor: Cave Spring- 27   Hidden Valley- 23

Salem at Pulaski County

This used to be the biggest rivalry in Salem history. Pulaski County picked up its first win last Friday and the Cougars knocked off Salem last year. The Spartans return the favor in Dublin: Salem- 24    Pulaski County- 19

Eastern Montgomery at Glenvar

Glenvar had its way with Auburn last Friday, scoring 62 points. EastMont got shut out by Giles. The Glenvar scoreboard operator stays warm lighting the home team bulbs: Glenvar- 38    EastMont-19

North Cross at Virginia Episcopal

The Raiders play for the first time in three weeks after an open date and a forfeit from Carlisle. North Cross should easily shake off the rust for a win over the Bishops: North Cross- 34    VES- 18

Off to this week’s mailbag:

Dear Wild One:

Which side of the football field should first down markers be placed? (Henry/Iron Gate)

Answer: Good question, Henry. I researched it and came up with these facts. At PH-home sideline; Hidden Valley-visitors; Fleming-home; North Cross-visitors; Salem-home; Cave Spring-visitors. Hope that clears it up.

Dear Gabby Hayes: We saw you in that cowboy hat during the Christiansburg-Cave Spring game. I’m sure you’re going to say you wore it due to the rain, but fess up-did you ride a horse to Bogle Stadium? (Wilma/Christiansburg)

Answer- Yep, Wilma, I did. And, I tied it next to your car. Hope you watched your step. Hi-O Silver, Away.!

See you in Dodge City next week- meantime-send you questions to: [email protected]   

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