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Wild Bill’s Weekly Sports Roundup

by Bill Turner

We’re now into the second week of the new year and high school basketball district play has moved into high gear. Combine that with a Wild Bill bowl recap and a plan to remove a dreaded curse, and we’ve got a plan to entertain even the most skeptic reader. Let’s get going.

Week two of high school district play is in the rear view mirror, so let’s look at the Wild Bill ‘Big-11’ Top-5 to see how our area teams stack up.

#1- Patrick Henry- The Patriots continue to have a firm hold on the top spot for the third straight week. PH picked up a win Monday night over Friendship Collegiate to improve to 10-2. Patrick Henry remains perfect in the Western Valley.

#2- William Fleming- The Colonels stay on the Patriot’s heels after a quality road win at GW Danville Tuesday night. At 10-4, all eyes may begin to point toward the first PH showdown later in the month.

#3- Salem- The Spartans take the third spot after a win over Liberty Tuesday night. Salem (9-4) gets a big test Friday night with a home matchup against undefeated Christiansburg. The Salem hardwood may bring back bad memories for Christiansburg. It was on the same court that Hidden Valley ended their undefeated season last year.

#4- Northside- The 6-5 Vikings move into the Top-5 after their 48-point win over Staunton River Tuesday night. Northside is taking shape after the return of several football players, and none should underestimate a Billy Pope coached squad.

#5-(tie) Cave Spring and Hidden Valley- The two River Ridge teams round out the top five after Hidden Valley’s overtime win over Cave Spring Tuesday night, the Knight’s second OT loss in as many games. Hidden Valley may be ready to go after a poor showing against Byrd.

We move to college football where the bowl season mercifully came to an end Monday night with Alabama trouncing fellow-SEC member LSU for the national championship.

In the 5 BCS bowls, the favorite, according to Vegas betting lines, only won one game.

Those who proclaimed that the Big East isn’t worthy of a BCS automatic bid may need to rethink that after West Virginia clobbered the ACC’s Clemson 70-33 in the Orange Bowl. For those with short memories, this was the same Clemson team that doused VT twice, by the combined score of 61-13.

Finally, it’s time for Wild Bill to come to the rescue of the Hokie Nation. Little doubt Hokie fans have been circling the wagons after Tech’s loss to Michigan in the Sugar. They’re wanting everyone’s head from the offensive coordinator to Frank Beamer himself. Some are openly saying they’ll never attend another Tech bowl game.

Granted I can’t control play-calling, coaching, missed field goals or untimely penalties and fumbles, but some die-hard Hokies are calling the Tech big-game maladies a curse. A curse?…, that’s right up my alley to get corrected.

Most of our faithful readers are aware of my well-documented use of séances and a Ouija Board for the uncanny correct predictions I have made for high school games.

Thus, I’m willing (with no appearance fee at all) to reverse the Tech bowl curse. I suggest a séance or face-to-face Ouija session with Frank, possibly at midcourt of an upcoming basketball game at Cassell Coliseum. No use waiting- I can’t pull a warren ( I looked it up-it means a group of rabbits) out of my hat if we wait until fall.

That way, Golden Hokies, Tech students, as well as players and coaches alike can be present under dimly lit conditions to be part of the psychic event. Tech officials should look at it like-”what do we have to lose?”

And, here’s the clincher- I’m ready to guarantee a psychic event of this nature will ensure a future Tech big-game victory of major magnitude.

You guys get the word to Frank- a simple call gets me in the Hokie huddle for an event that is guaranteed to  sell out the Cassell and provide an unforgettable halftime experience.

Until next week, “Toro, Toro Kikkoman’” (Sorry, I’m just getting warmed up.)

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