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Bailey Declares Candidacy for Hollins Supervisor Seat

(L to R) Roanoke County Treasurer Kevin Hutchins, Delegate Greg Habeeb, Mike Bailey, Delegate Chris Head, Board of Supervisors member Butch Church and School Board member Drew Barineau.

The calendar had barely flipped to the new year when a local businessman declared his intention to run for public office.  Mike Bailey, Hollins resident and insurance company owner, held a well attended press conference to announce his candidacy for the Hollins district on the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors.

Bailey, along with his wife Denise, owns a Nationwide insurance office on Williamson Road in the Hollins area.  He has lived in Roanoke most of his life and is a graduate of Northside High School and Virginia Tech. Bailey believes that being a long time Hollins resident has given him some insights into what the citizens and businesses of the area want and need.  He is a member and past chairman of the Williamson Road Area Business Association, a two term chairman of the Roanoke County Republican Committee and is also a member of Shenandoah Baptist Church.  He donates his time to various rec sports, the scouts and community projects.  Bailey is even known to cut the grass on the median of Peters Creek and Williamson Road when VDOT is behind.

Bailey said he believes in “small, limited government, that will promote the free enterprise system of American business.  A government that will protect our liberties and our rights to property.”  He said he feels that America is in crisis, and that our local government has lost touch with those same principles.

He points out the Green Ridge Recreational Center as a facility that was paid for with tax dollars, yet it competes with local county businesses already in existence.  He is also opposed to ICLEI, a United nations organization that he believes promotes more government involvement as to how and where we live.  Currently, the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors is a member of this group, even though many citizens have spoken against county involvement.

Bailey is not asking county residents to vote for him, but rather “hire” him to serve our community.  Bailey states that if you have issues with the current Board not being supportive of business and out of touch, or even refusing to work together, he is the man to hire for the Hollins district.  He said he plans to maintain close contact with the citizens by having periodic meetings and working face to face with them to bring a new attitude to the Board.

Max Beyer, a local resident, stated “ Bailey is inclusive and has brought people together to allow them to be involved.  He will insure that Hollins citizens will have a place at the table to work and solve problems together.”

Bailey said, “I  am excited to meet with Hollins area residents and hope to be able to serve them on the Board of Supervisors.  I have worked with many different groups of people, from Democrats to the Tea Party, and have maintained  a working relationship with each of them.  I have owned my business and served the community for over 30 years.  I will bring this experience to serving the community as a supervisor.”

Bailey said he expects an opponent from within the Republican party. If so the Republican nominee will be decided at a firehouse primary in the spring.  As of yet, there is no Democrat opponent.  Current Hollins representative, Richard Flora, is retiring.

To learn more about Mike Bailey, visit his website at

Story and photo by

Carla M. Bream

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